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Yeah!!! NATALIE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKIE BOY CHOSE NATALIE!!!!!!!!!
great now I dont have to go down there and kick his @$$. AHHH!!!! I'm just sooooo happy. I had my friends over and we sat there a watched Outback Jack the whole time. We're pathetic. But at least were fun. Me and my friend started jumping on my bed after Nat won. Ah! and I didnt pig out on chocolate or anything else. GAH!!! NA NA NA!!! LA LA LA!!!! Its funny though, I started out cheerig for Marissa and hating Natalie. Then I just switched. WOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I wonder whats next. Will Marissa have her comeback show. Shes an actress ya know? She was Rescue Me on FX, just a small guest role though. Aww, It was just so romantic: He just picked her up and carried her off into the sunset. I wonder if they are still together? I hope so!
Ok I'm gonna go catch Sex and the City now.

O hey Carly, Wouldn't it be so cool if there was a dating reality show with all 20 of the guys from Miracle to choose from, mmmm dream come true. But that'd be a REALLY hard decision.

O well now its over. Hm nothing else to look forward to every Tuesday, except SATC but only the old epys. O well, its been talking with yall.
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