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Hey, I don't know how many of you guys have already seen this, but I found something interesting. It's a Q & A between random fans and Jack, Marissa, and Natalie. I got it from the official website. Some of the answers are really interesting...especially regarding his elimination of Maria.

"After the show ended, did you think you may have sent the wrong girl away at some point? If so, who?" (Sabrina from Austin, TX)
Maybe Shannon.

"Was there anything that wasn't shown on TV that you wish was?" (Nicole from Dunedin, FL)
There was a lot that they didn't show, I guess they didn't have the time to put it all in.

"Have you been watching the show? If you have, does it change your mind about who you picked to see all the behind-the-scenes catty comments the girls made about each other?" (Kymberli from Lynchburg, VA)
I've only watched a few shows, but I wouldn't change a thing.

"What moment made you decide to put your trust in Marissa?" (Kelly from Mississauga)
No real moment. I mean, when can you really trust anyone?

"Why did you give your necklace to Natalie?" (Jamie from Oakhurst, CA)
Because she asked for it!

"What do you admire most about each of the final two girls?" (Kelli from Tallassee, AL)
Marissa's strength, Natalie's smile.

"Did you know what a huge success reality television is in America when you signed up to do Outback Jack?" (Ashley from Sheffield, PA)
Not really.

"Were Maria's strong sexual advances and her constant criticism of Marissa a factor in her being cut?" (Kimberly from Pecks Mill, WV)
No, Maria was a darling. I wish I could explain.

"If the girl you choose decided that she would prefer living in the city rather than in the Outback, what would you do and why?" (Michelle from Bathurst)
I would do what she felt best doing, because that's what a real man does.

"What is the first thing that attracts you to a woman?" (Monique from Corner Brook) Her smile.

"Do you want to settle down and be a family man, or do you still want thrills and adventure? Did your choice reflect this?" (Anjanette from Kenosha, WI)
Yes, I want to be a family man. I guess that would be an adventure in itself.

"Were you surprised by the depth of your feelings for the women after only knowing them for a short time?" (Allyson from Chandler, AZ)
Not really, that's the way I am: friendly and emotional.

"Once you choose, where will you and the chosen lady prefer to get to know each other? Stateside or in Australia?" (Michele from Mariette, GA)
Where she feels best, if it all works out...

"You had to choose one lady out of an incredibly diverse group of amazing young women, only to be forced to wait to pursue a possible relationship. How easy will it be to pick up where you left off without the cameras rolling?" (Angel from Levant, ME)
No drama--we speak everyday.

"When seeing the girls individually, did you feel like you were cheating on or back-stabbing the other girls?" (Katrina from Irmo, SC)
Yes, I felt unfaithful. But I didn't feel like I ever back-stabbed.

"If you had met either Natalie or Marissa in normal circumstances do you think you would have been attracted to and started a relationship with either of the two?" (Jessica from Pasadena, CA)
Who knows?

"If it doesn't happen to work out with the woman that you pick, would you contact any of the others?" (Ellen from Des Plaines, IL)
I'm not sure, but I very much doubt it.

"With all the editing that goes into this show, are you surprised at how each person is portrayed, or is it a fairly accurate portrayal of everyone's personality?" (Heather from Bend, OR)
It's pretty fair, they can only portray what you give them.

"What was the funniest thing that happened on the show?" (Rhonda from St. Amant, LA)
Watching the gals try to survive.

"Did your conversation with your mom influence your decision about which women you invited to stay?" (Belinda from Eagle Rock, MO)
A little.

"Would you be willing to relocate in order to continue your relationship with the lady that you choose in the end?" (Carla from Houma, LA)

"Was there any point where you thought that you had already made your mind up as far as who you wanted to be with you in the end?" (Brandy from Forest City, NC)
Yes and no. There's so much going through your head, it's hard to know what's going on.

"We all had a chance to see your mother on TV (wonderful woman). Where is your father, Does he play a role in your life?" (Bonnie from West Bend, WI)
Dad passed away.

"When you've watched the show as it has been airing--knowing your choice had already been made--was it hard to see the way certain girls behaved behind your back? Did it make you question some of your decisions?" (Melinda from Valencia, CA)

"It's very apparent that almost every reality show couple breaks up soon after the show is over. Do you truly believe in the validity of finding your true love on a reality show?" (Alexandra from San Francisco, CA)
That's just personal, it's very situational.

"Every woman on this adventure has been on Marissa because she's not a team player. Has this actually increased your feelings for Marissa, knowing that she is only there to be with you and not the other women?" (Sandi from Redding, CA)
I always stand up for the underdog, so yes.

"From the first day of meeting the girls to the last day, did it impress you how tough, brave and strong the girls turned out to be?" (Dawna from Englewood, CA)
Yes it did. But at the same time, I knew they would.

"How do you feel in general about American women?" (April from New York)
I feel great about American women!

"Jack, you said you were having a hard time trusting Marissa, yet why did you choose her over Maria? Were you having a hard time trusting Maria too?" (Melissa from Plattsburgh, NY)
If only you knew. I wish I could tell ya, kiddo.

"The show really kept us viewers on our toes with all its surprises. What surprised you the most about being on the show?" (Tatiana from Westford, MA)
My patience.

"It may be a funny question, but have you ever met Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter)?" (Kara from Crofton, MD)
No, I have not. But I would love to.

"What is it about Marissa that has you so intrigued with her that makes you feel she may be the one?" (Susana)
Did you watch the show?


Why do you think Jack should pick you and not Natalie?" (Kyla from Belcourt, ND)
Jack and I had a very strong connection from day one. That has continued throughout this adventure, and I feel as though we would be such a great team. We have had so much fun together, and I would love for that to continue.

"How did you feel when Jack told you that he had trust issues with you and what do you think would make him feel that way?" (Cary from Semmes, AL)
I know for a fact that the only reason Jack had trust issues with me was because of the other girls' comments about me to him. They were just jealous that he spent the most time with me and their way of handling that was to speak poorly of me.

"Did you really dislike the other contestants?" (Rachel from Wilmington, IL)
No! I had no idea they disliked me that much until I watched the show on TV. Most of them were really nice to my face--it was very strange.

"If you had seen Jack anywhere else, would you pay attention to him, or would you be attracted to him?" (Erin from Georgetown, TX)
Absolutely! He is so cool, sincere and gorgeous!

"If you could change Jack with the touch of a button, what would you change?" (Erin from Hutto, TX)

"If you were faced with knowing that Natalie might be the one that would make Jack the happiest, would you love him enough to give him up just to see him happy?" (Lesley from Rowlett, TX)
Of course. I wouldn't want to be with someone who didn't like/love me the same.

"Marissa, do you really love Jack, or do just want to win because you are on TV and you don't want to look bad?" (Raphaella from New York)
I never did this to win. First, I was in it for fin. Then, when I fell for Jack, I just wanted to be with him--that's it!

"Which one of the other two girls did you tell Jack's mom you would want to win if you didn't?" (Lizzie from Almo, KY)
I chose Natalie and said, "Because of her ability to make him laugh."

"Why would you do something so gross and tasteless as to put your feet up on the dinner table?" (Susan from St. George, UT)
I didn't think it was that big of a deal. We are camping in the middle of nowhere! I thought it was funny.

"Did you feel that you were being ganged up on emotionally by the other women? How did you endure the remarks and comments?" (Linda from Tacoma, WA)
It kind of hurt my feelings. I was never mean to any of them and didn't understand their hostility. I just kept being me and never spoke bad about them.

"How do you feel knowing that you were portrayed as the villain?" (Melissa from San Diego, CA)
It's funny to me, because that's so not me! But it's still fun to watch, and I don't regret anything I said or did.

"Why didn't you try to make friends with any of the girls?" (Alethea from Glendale, AZ)
We were all friends initially. Then, when the girls noticed Jack paying more attention to me, the claws came out and they turned catty.

"Would you want to be "Outback Jacky" if you lose to Natalie? That is, the show in reverse, where you are the woman and the men vie for you?" (Sweet from Clayton, NM)
Maybe! As long as we don't have to camp!

"Why did you choose not to confront Maria and Natalie when they were talking about you when you were visiting Jack's mother?" (Christina from Atlanta, GA) I don't like confrontation and didn't think it would do any good.

"What facet of your personality did the show not reveal?" (Patti from Sioux Falls, SD)
That I am not a villain in real life. I don't have enemies in my life.

"Other than jealousy, why do you think the all the other girls had it in for you so badly?" (Kimberly from Belleville, MI)
Jealousy...that's it!

"Are you extremely competitive?" (Nancy)
By nature, yes! I was raised to be very independent. If I want something, I have to get it myself.

"Are you really the person they are portraying you to be on TV?" (Barbra from AZ)
Not at all!

"How did you feel being shunned by the other girls upon your return?" (Sabrina from Bristol, TN)
It wasn't very cool or classy, but I fully expected it.

"When you were voted off the show by the girls, what was the first thing that went through your mind after being told that you would get to go back to see Jack again?" (Gina from Corpus Christi, TX)
I was thrilled that I would get to come back. All I could think about was seeing Jack again.

"It looks like the Outback has some very stunning terrain and sites to see. What did you like the best about the Outback?" (Tom from Cheyenne, WY)
Sitting on top of the cliff having dinner with Jack. The view was stunning and so was my company!

"Why do you love Jack?" (Karen from Bowling Green, KY)
What's not to love?

"Do you truly have feelings for Jack or is this just a game for you to play and win?" (Melissa from Everett, WA)
My feelings for Jack are very real. I have never met such an amazing man.

"What was the first thing that came to your mind when you first saw Jack?" (Jason from New York, NY)
I couldn't get over his eyes and smile!

"Why haven't you told Jack about the other girls talking about you behind your back?" (Amanda from Decatur, GA)
I did. I think that's why most of them got booted!

"Does it feel weird to have the whole world look into your love life as you're trying to figure out if you like someone or not?" (Natasha from Forest Lake, MN)
Yeah, it's strange, especially since I didn't expect to actually fall for Jack the way I did.

"What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment so far in life?" (Nita from Laie, HI)
Getting a record deal and as a result, releasing an album, touring with other talented artists, and traveling the world.

"Was there one contestant that you were close to at the very beginning?" (Farrah from Adairsville, GA)
Natalie. We bonded instantly. She's awesome!

"Given a choice of furthering your education, advancing in your professional field, or keeping a home for Jack (and your children), which would you choose and why?" (Shawn from Hollywood, FL)
I am young enough that I could advance in my professional field and then have kids and a family when the time is right. But I want to do/have all of the above!

"If Jack picks you, what happens if he wants to stay in the Outback?" (Patricia from New York, NY)
We will have to do some serious negotiating!

"If you had seen Jack anywhere else, would you pay attention to him, or would you be attracted to him?" (Erin from Georgetown, TX)
Yes, I think there is just something about him that draws people to him.

"If you could change Jack with a touch of a button, what would you change?" (Erin from Hutto, TX)
I don't think I would change anything about him.

"All through the show it seems like you have been yourself and didn't care what anyone thought. But in the beginning, was it hard to be yourself with cameras everywhere?" (Jamie from Russellville, KY)
It was not too bad, because the cameras were just objects. I was not really thinking this was going to be on national television. It became second nature.

"Why do you think you are better for Jack?" (Ashley from Pinehurst, NC)
He grew on me and I grew on him. We learned to like each other as time went on. Instead of just jumping into it really fast--just by being ourselves.

"You appeared to remain true to your character both with the girls and with Jack. Was that hard to do, considering most of the other girls seemed to change when with Jack?" (D. Lorraine from Ottawa, ON)
No, because it is hard to me to play five different roles. I think that gets confusing.

"What do you consider to be your greatest personal growth attained directly from participating in the Outback Jack series?" (Angel from Levant, ME)
It proves to me that even though I might be used to a certain lifestyle, I can do anything I put my mind to.

"Is it hard to see some of the other contestants get eliminated? Have you formed a strong bond with some of them?" (Nydia from Simsbury, CT)
Yes, very strong bonds. It was very tough watching them go because we did so many things together and faced a lot of fears together.

"Jack didn't seem to open up a lot or have a sense of humor. Is this a correct observation?" (Beverly from Lakeland, FL)
No, they are only showing one side of him--the sensitive, protective side. There were so many times when had us in tears we were laughing so hard.

"How do you feel about Jack keeping Marissa instead of keeping Maria?" (Danielle from Greenville, OH)
I felt like I did not know if I knew him as well as I thought I did because I thought he should see through Marissa's act.

"You and Jack are such opposites! How do you expect to have a relationship with Jack when life with him would be so different than what you are obviously accustomed to?" (Steve from Houston, TX)
Just because we have different interest does not mean we couldn't be great partners. There is a lot I can teach him and he can teach me. And we love those crazy things.

"If you do not win the man, what will you do next?" (Chris from Alberta, CAN)
I will continue to focus on my career. I am young.

"Would you ever do something like this again?" (Melissa from San Diego, CA)
Yes, I would, just because I learned so much about myself and had such a great experience. If I would have known what I getting myself into from the beginning, I may not have gone.

"What did the ant's butt taste like to you?" (Timah from Kent, WA)
Sour patch kids.

"What makes you laugh?" (Patti from Sioux Falls, SD)
Almost everything! I find humor everywhere.

"How do you keep your hair so perfect and straight in the Outback?" (Brooke from San Marcos, TX)
Normally, I hate my straight hair, but out there, it was a blessing because I did not have frizzies.

"Who was your best friend on the show, and why?" (Samantha from Ladera Ranch, CA)
Best friends were Mary--she made me laugh--and Adrienne--she was so real.

"Where is the necklace Jack took from around his neck and gave you?" (Annette from Ft. Meade, FL)
He has it.

"I know you've been asked a lot of questions about whether or not you have won. How hard was it to keep the ending a secret?" (Heather from Louisville, KY)
Very hard, considering that I work in a salon and people come in everyday and harass me.

"What is your reaction to the show from a spectator's perspective?" (Lorraine from Shepherd, MI)
I think it has portrayed everyone as pretty much who they are, but only one side of their personality.

"Who is your role model?" (Nita from Laie, HI)
Faith Hill. I love her, she has a family and lots of kids and she's successful and strong. Not to mention she has a hot husband.

"When you entered the show, did you think you were going to make it to the end?" (Monique from Nicholl's Town, Andros)
No, not even close.

I also enjoyed that Natalie said the ant's butts tasted like sour patch kids.
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